Yosemite Branch Committee

Mission:  To grow leadership through consistency of member involvement to continue successful operation of the Yosemite Gateway Branch.

2018 Chair:  Beth Carver
Chair: Responsible for scheduling and facilitating monthly meetings with all team leaders. Advises Staff on any budget requests and works with all team leaders to assist them as needed.

2018 Vice Chair:  Jennifer Casey
Vice Chair: Responsible for running Thursday morning Caravan meetings Works with Chair and team leaders to assist them as needed. Facilitates monthly meeting if chair is unable to. Current Vice Chair ascends to Chair.

Project Team Leaders

Affiliate: Debra Goodson
Organizes events to bring REALTORS® and Affiliates together for the purpose of networking and socializing and fundraising.

Education: Brian Casey
Responsible for Thursday morning speakers and breakfast sponsors, gives calendar to staff for posting on website and on caravan schedule.

Caravan: Leanne Shaw
Responsible for recruiting caravan committee members for each caravan area, reviews caravans weekly for adherence to caravan guidelines.

Scholarship: Barbara Lehmann
Responsible for reaching out to local schools for submission of applications for review, works with community outreach for fundraising efforts to assure we have sufficient funds annually for the number of scholarships agreed on to present to the students.

Real Estate Guide: Jan Ramos
Responsible for working with staff on contract negotiations with the printer, reviews rules/guidelines for member participation to assure consistency.

Team Outreach: Ed & Shirley Bailey
Responsible for 3 major events annually working with affiliates and members for participation, proceeds go to the scholarship fund, works together with scholarship and community outreach committee for financial goals.