Tuesday MLS Meetings/Wednesday Caravan

The Wednesday Caravan is posted in the MLS under Links – Links and Documents.
You may also click HERE to print the list.

Tuesday Morning MLS Meetings at FAR Office 9:00am-10:00am
Agents will be able to submit listings (max. 2 per meeting) to be featured with photos at the Tuesday Morning MLS Meeting. However, homes featured with photos at the Tuesday MLS meetings are NOT required to be held open or available for showing at the Wednesday Caravan. The agent or an assistant (no clerical users) may plug the listing.

The process for submitting listings to the Tuesday morning MLS meeting is SIMPLE! On the back of your business card write down the listing numbers and when it is your turn to plug your listings, your listings photos will be presented on the screen.

Wednesday Caravan
Properties on caravan will now be held open or made available for showing via Supra iBox on Wednesdays between 10:00am and 3:00pm. A list of the homes scheduled for caravan on Wednesdays will be published in the MLS and on the Association website before 12:00 noon on Tuesdays. Offices that have caravans on Wednesdays are encouraged to include these properties as stops in their own caravans. Agents may add their listings to the MLS caravan until NOON on Tuesdays at which point the caravan will be closed. Agents are limited to 1 listing per caravan. Agents may submit their listings to the Wednesday Caravan by using the “Caravan Dates” option in the MLS.

Anyone unfamiliar with how to add listings to the Wednesday Caravan may fax or email a “Wednesday Caravan Signup” form (available under “Links ” – “Links and Documents” in the MLS) to FAR. Faxed and emailed forms must be received before Tuesday at NOON.

April 2020 Speakers:

Tuesday, April 07: Topic:  No Meeting.

Tuesday, April 14: Topic:  No Meeting.

Tuesday, April 21: Topic:  TBD.

Tuesday, April 28: Topic:  TBD.