A Message from our FAR President: This Is a Time for Unity

This is a time for unity in our industry. We have to be unified in the REALTOR® approach with our clients, just as we as citizens have to be unified to beat this virus and the fear associated with it. The State of California has given a “shelter in place” order. This will undoubtedly impact our market temporarily. In other impact instances such as 9/11 we all took a break to mourn and grieve and then after a temporary downturn the pent up demand spilled over and the market rebounded. I believe that will happen to us again.

We have received a lot of conflicting information as to what we in the real estate market can do in our service to our clients. The information is rapidly changing and that makes it confusing. Watch for information from NAR and CAR as their staff is working diligently to keep us informed with reliable and vetted information.

This is a tough challenge for Brokers as they have to develop policy for their agents in such a quickly changing time. Let’s all respect one another, stay professional, and hope and pray that we get through this quickly.

Don Scordino,
2020 FAR President