Join As

The Join As page will break down the following types of membership types:

  • REALTOR® - Information, Costs to be a REALTOR®, Benefits, Educational Opportunities and Application.
  • MLS Only  - Information, Cost to be MLS Only, Benefits, Educational Opportunities and Application.
  • Affiliate - Information,  Cost to be an Affiliate, Benefits, Educational Opportunities, Events, and Application.
  • Clerical User - Information, Renewal Requirements, Costs to be a Clerical User, Educational Opportunities and Application.
  • Honorary – Information on applying and renewal requirements for Honorary Member-For-Life Membership.
  • RETS Consultant - Information, Costs to be a RETS Consultant, and Application.

Fee Schedule

A Fee breakdown for each Member Type:  REALTOR®, MLS Only, Affiliate, Clerical User and RETS Consultant.  If you have any questions about pricing or what it costs to join, this will be your best resource.

Events Calendar

The Fresno Association of REALTORS®’ Public Calendar allows you to ind out when the next MLS Class is or when the next Affiliate Appreciation Event is scheduled.  Pro Tip:  Add this public calendar to your Gmail Calendar, Outlook Calendar, ETC and be up to date automatically!

Tuesday MLS

Information on Wednesday Caravan and Tuesday Morning Speakers.

The Grapevine

The Grapevine is the Fresno Association of REALTORS® Weekly and Monthly Newsletter.  Sign up for the Monthly written Grapevine, find archived Grapevines.

Political Action 13

Have you contributed to PAC or HAF?  Find out who has here!

Industry Resources

Common Industry Links and Resource.